Grass seed assembly is the backbone of Agritech and we have long recognised that the key criteria in the assembly of grass mixtures is to include high quality grass varieties of complementary characteristics. Our 2020 Tipperary Grass Seed Range has revealed that two high quality late varieties, AberPlentiful and AberBite, are included in our grass mixtures once again.

AberPlentiful is the highest ranked variety for Total Yield on the 2020 Recommended List and Pasture Profit Index (PPI). It’s a late tetraploid with very good growth characteristics, especially spring growth, where it is also number one in the Late category. AberBite is also a highly sought after variety which features on the Recommend List and PPI. It features a unique combination of excellent grass quality characteristics and high silage yield potential.

According to Agritech’s, Seamus O Slatarra, “The latest Recommended List and PPI once again highlights our commitment to including high quality grass varieties in the assembly of our grass mixtures.

“Our Tipperary Grass Seed Range has a mix for every situation and has built an excellent reputation with farmers throughout the country for delivering optimal germination, establishment and increased yield in new grass leys. All of the Tipperary Grass Seed mixtures are treated with the unique GroQuik Seed Stimulant to further enhance germination rates and crop lifetime production.”

For further advice on spring reseeding or to choose a suitable grass mixture from the Tipperary Grass Seed Range, contact your local Agritech Distributor/Sales Rep or click here.

2020 Tipperary Grass Mixtures Brochure, available to View or Download Now

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