Rumate Grain

Alkali Grain Treatment 

Rumate Grain is a urea-based grain treatment producing a high
protein, mould free, high value feed. By working quickly to release
ammonia in the clamp, Rumate Grain produces an alkaline stable grain with a high pH, which counteracts acidity in the rumen after feed out.


  • Single bag application.
  • Convenient and safe to handle.
  • Stable feed for longer storage period.
  • Economical to treat.

Benefits of incorporating Rumate Grain into your feeding strategy:

  • Increases total protein
    content of treated grain.
  • Improves feed intakes and
    feed conversion.
  • Higher pH 8.5-9.5 – Reduced acidosis/increased diet

For more information or to view our other grain treatment options, view our brochure here.

To purchase Rumate Grain, contact your local sales advisor.


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