Ensile-Bio is a biological preservative for forage maize, wholecrop, crimped grain and high dry matter grass silage. It has been developed to inhibit spoilage organisms to produce a cool silage which is stable and highly palatable, leading to maximum production from forage at feedout.


Ensile-Bio is an easy to use product available as granular powder, or in sachets for liquid application. It contains two strains of heterofermentative bacteria that works to inhibit spoilage organisms.

Benefits of incorporating Ensile-Bio into your feeding strategy

  • Inhibits spoilage organisms.
  • Increases clamp stability by around 3 days.
  • Reduces losses.
  • Increases palatability.
  • Inhibits mycotoxin producing moulds.
  • Improves fermentation.

For more information, view our Ensile-Bio brochure here

To purchase our Ensile-Bio forage additive in Ireland, contact your local sales advisor.


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