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Agritech manufacture and supply a range of quality, innovative, nutrition and forage products directly to livestock farmers in Ireland.


Grass Seed

With almost 40 years’ experience in the grass seed business, Agritech are one of the longest established blenders of grass seed mixtures in Ireland. Our Tipperary Grass brand is a market leader throughout Ireland with our flagship premium mixture Tipperary No 4A is used in every county in Ireland.

Tipperary Grass Seed Brochure here


Forage Additives

GrasZyme SugerBoost is a forage additive for grass silage. It enhances grass preservation, boosts animal performance as a result and aims to increase the effectiveness of the grass silage to deliver more milk and more live weight gain at feedout.

GrasZyme Sugarboost Forage Additive Brochure here


Ensile Bio is a biological preservative for forage maize, crimped grain, wholecrop and high dry matter grass silage.

Ensile Bio Brochure 


Calf Milk Replacers

The Vitalac Calf Milk Replacer range from Nukamel offers a well-balanced level of highly digestible fat and protein via carefully selected, high quality ingredients.

Vitalac Milk Replacer Brochure here


Mineral Supplements

Welmin Mineral Supplements are manufactured to the highest specifications with particular emphasis on vitamin and trace element levels. They come in powder form, molassed mineral blocks and liquid mineral supplements.

Welmin Dairy
Rumicare Dairy

Welmin Beef
Rumicare Beef


Welmin Mineral Supplement Brochure here


Feed Additives

Rumate is a targeted release nitrogen for the rumen of dairy and beef animals.

Rumate Brochure here

Optimate is an essential omega 3 fatty acid supplement for dairy cows for improved fertility, health, production and reproductive performance.

Optimate Brochure here

Agromega is an essential omega fatty acids supplement for pigs.

Agromega Brochure here

Salomega is an essential omega-3 from salmon oil which has been developed for poultry.

Salomega Brochure here

Vitameg is a feeding supplement with omega-3 for young stock.

Vitameg Brochure here 


Hygiene and Bedding Conditioners

Sanitise Bedding Conditioner is a housing and bedding conditioning solution to promote a dry hygienic environment in the bedding of all livestock.

Sanitise Brochure here


Other Products

View many of our other products here.



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