Digest-A-Bug is a bacterial slurry additive to improve the fertiliser value of slurry and reduce handling costs. A blend of bacteria and enzymes combine in Digest-A-Bug to promote biological activity in slurry stores. These beneficial bacteria convert slurry into a more homogenous and nutrient rich fertiliser. 


Benefits of Digest-A-Bug: 

Digest-A-Bug Bag

  • Digest-A-Bug can convert up to 93% of ammonia into more stable forms of Nitrogen that are slower to release and better utilised by the grass plant.
  • Digest-A-Bug is administered once, at the beginning of housing. 
  • Farmer feedback includes reducing agitation times by up to 50%, resulting in lower labour and diesel costs. 
  • Digest-A-Bug liquefies the slurry, creating a homogenous product; reducing the likelihood of crust build up -Combining to result in easier agitation.


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