Ensile-Bio Crimp

Biological Crimped Grain Treatment

Ensile-Bio Crimp is a biological crimped grain treatment. Using the latest biological technology, Ensile-Bio Crimp is a proven solution to ensure efficient preservation for a stable, palatable and high-quality crimped grain at feed out.

ensile bio crimp


  • One million bacteria Lactobacillus collinoides and Lactobacillus cellobiosus, per gram of grain.
  • Two elite strains of heterofermentative bacteria.
  • Enzyme complex to release nutrients.
  • Available as granular powder or sachet for liquid application.

Benefits of incorporating Ensile-Bio Crimp into your feeding strategy

  • Controls the entire fermentation
    unlike acid preservation.
  • Improves fermentation, thereby
    protecting protein quality.
  • Increases aerobic stability by up
    to 5 days.
  • Increases palatability.
  • Leads to a 99% mould reduction.

For more information or to view our other grain treatment options, view our brochure 

To purchase Ensile-Bio Crimp, contact your local sales advisor.

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