Welmin Calf Mineral Supplements

Research indicates that a calf receiving trace minerals and vitamins tends to wean off heavier and stay healthier once it starts to consume feed. They have an improved immune system and are more resistant to disease and respond better to vaccinations etc. Welmin Calf Mineral Supplements have been designed with all these factors in mind.


VitamegVitameg bucket sm2
Vitameg is a feeding supplement with prebiotic and Omega 3 for young ruminants. Early feeding and rumen development are key to successful calf and lamb rearing. Vitameg’s combination of ingredients when fed to young ruminants will:

  • Increase feed intakes.
  • Stimulate rumen development.
  • Increase daily live weight gain.
  • Support calf and lamb natural defence mechanism.
  • Improve digestibility.


Thrivovit Milk Acidifier
Thrivovit milk acidifier is a whole milk supplement specially formulated with organic acids and concentrated levels of vitamins. Designed for use as an acidified nutritional supplement for calves fed on whole milk.

  • Lowers the pH in whole milk.
  • Organic acids allow better digestion and utilisation of milk proteins and fats.
  • The lower pH factor maintains a digestive acidity level that is not conducive to pathogenic bacteria growth.
  • Calves realise early growth potential with better digestion of nutrients.
  • Fortification with vitamins supports healthy bodily functions.


Vitastart is designed for use as a source of electrolyte salts and energy, maintain water balance and to provide a readily available glucose supply.

  • Ideal to replenish fluids as a treatment for neo natal calf scours.
  • Excellent supplement to boost purchased calves on arrival or in any stress situation.
  • Contains sodium bicarbonate to counter the acidic digestive effects of calf scour.
  • Contains vitamin A, D3 and E for quicker recovery.
  • Vitastart is not a veterinary medicine.


Welmin MultiboostWelmin Multiboost - Welmin Calf Mineral Supplements
Welmin Multiboost is a supplement rich in macro and trace minerals along with a broad range of vitamins. Suitable for a wide range of animals including young stock, particularly replacement dairy heifers and calves, show animals, horses and also deer.

  • Welmin Multiboost is heavily fortified with a broad range of vitamins, particularly the B vitamins essential for vigour and health in the young developing animal.
  • Contains 8.5% oil from salmon oil and protected fats to give that extra thrive, vitality and sheen making it an ideal supplement for all show animals maintaining a healthy glow and suppleness to the skin.
  • Copper, selenium and zinc from multiple sources for maximum bioavailability and thrive.
  • Contains 4% phosphorus for improved growth and bone development.
  • Farmers report excellent results when fed to their replacement dairy heifers during their first winter pre breeding.


Welmin Super Thrive BlockWelmin Super Thrive Block - Welmin Calf Mineral Supplements
Welmin Super Thrive is a high specification block with high levels of macro and trace elements and vitamins. It is most suited to the demands of the growing animal as it provides valuable nutrients to ensure optimum growth and production.

  • Copper and zinc levels from multiple sources including 34% chelated copper.
  • Contains 4% phosphorus for improved growth and bone development.
  • High levels of vitamins including key B vitamins.



Welmin Optimate Omega 3 Energy & Protein Block - Welmin Calf Mineral SupplementsWelmin Optimate Omega 3 Energy & Protein Block
Welmin Optimate Omega 3 Energy & Protein is a new feed block for milking cows and all young stock over 200kgs.

  • It is a unique feed block containing high levels of omega 3 salmon oil with protein from multiple sources, protected protein from protected soya and extra protein from the added yeast, together with good levels of trace elements and vitamins.
  • Feeding omega 3 fatty acids contained in fish oil to breeding stock has the potential to improve fertility, reduce embryo loss and enhance general health and appearance of the cows.
  • For young animals the benefits will be a stronger immune system with improved health and thrive and a noticeable shine to the animal coat.
  • When fed at grass the high energy levels allow the animal to utilise the high protein in fresh grass.


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