Livestock Mineral Supplements


Welmin’s livestock mineral supplements command the highest respect from even the most discerning farmer user. They are manufactured to the highest specifications with particular emphasis on vitamin and trace element levels.

Our main livestock mineral supplements are in powder form suitable for mixing with the diet of the animal. We also manufacture molassed mineral blocks and liquid mineral supplements for dosage through drinking water. Whatever the requirement there is a mineral to suit all needs.

To find out more about our Welmin Mineral Supplement Range, click here to view our brand new brochure.



Welmin Dry Cow Elite
Welmin Dairy Elite
Welmin Dry Cow
Welmin Dairy Boost
Welmin Cereal Forage Beet Balancer
Welmin High Magnesium
Welmin Thrivovit SCC
Welmin Transition Mineral
AGMAG – Liquid Magnesium Supplement
Aqua Trace – Liquid Trace Mineral SupplementNEW
Welmin Dry Cow Elite Block
Welmin Super Cow Fertility Block
Welmin Summer Garlic Block 
Welmin High Mag 20 Block
Optimate Omega 3 Energy & Protein BlockNEW 
Welmin Rumicare Dairy



Welmin Beef Rumigest
Welmin Beef Finisher
Welmin Multiboost
Welmin Cereal Forage Beet Balancer
Welmin Super Thrive Block
Optimate Omega 3 Energy & Protein BlockNEW 
Welmin High Mag 20 Block
Welmin Rumicare Beef



Thrivovit Milk Acidifier
Welmin Multiboost
Welmin Super Thrive Block
Optimate Omega 3 Energy & Protein Block



Welmin Multiboost
Welmin Horse Block



Welmin Sheep Special
Welmin Sheep Block & Welmin High Mag Sheep Block
Welmin Optimate Omega 3 Sheep Block


To buy our Welmin Livestock Mineral Supplements, contact your local distributor.

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