Changes in the mineral profiles of grass and grass silages coupled with animal genetic advances over the past twenty years have placed greater demands on the mineral supplements being supplied to farm animals.


The ongoing challenge of producing a live calf per cow every 365 days coupled with optimum health and performance of mother and calf serves to highlight the importance of ensuring that a quality mineral is supplied from the beginning of the dry period at least until the cow is confirmed back in calf.


The anticipated increased milk yields of the post quota era undoubtedly place even greater mineral demands on the dairy cow. With regard to the production of beef, the constant strive for improved growth rates and feed efficiency further serve to highlight the importance of ensuring that the growing and finishing animal is adequately supplemented with all of the key minerals and vitamins which are required for optimum output from this production system. At Agritech we continue to advance our Welmin mineral range and supplements with the assistance of international sources and global research so that Irish farmers have access to a truly superior range of products.


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