Welmin Post Calving Minerals

Welmin Post-Calving Minerals

Specifically formulated to support the productivity, fertility and overall functionality of the breeding herd.


Welmin Dairy EliteWelmin Dairy Elite - Welmin Dairy Mineral Supplements
Welmin Dairy Elite is our superior specification post calving formulation for the high yielding milking dairy cow. With continuous production throughout the year, mineral supplementation is vital through the full lactation to ensure a healthy and fertile animal and to maximise milk production.

  • Multi source inclusion of organic and chelated trace minerals optimising bioavailability, reproduction, immunity and performance, backed by worldwide research from leading brands of ingredients.
  • High vitamin and amino acid inclusion to optimise udder health and improved immune status.
  • B vitamins play important roles in the production, reproduction and immune systems of the animal system.
  • Added yeast is ideal nutrition for ruminal flora optimising performance and milk production.
  • Biotin supplemented during lactation for increased milk production and improved fertility and reduced foot lesions.


Welmin Dairy BoostWelmin Dairy Boost - Welmin Dairy Mineral Supplements
Welmin Dairy Boost is formulated to enhance and support the productivity of the lactating cow, improve calving interval and herd replacement index of the breeding herd.

  • Contains a high phosphorus level – 8%.
  • Generous levels of copper and organic selenium included for enhanced bioavailability.
  • Zinc, copper, iodine and selenium from multiple sources will play a pivotal role in maximising the absorption of the essential trace minerals in the critical fertility period post calving.
  • High levels of vitamins including vitamin E and B12.
  • Welmin Dairy Boost gives an excellent return on investment.



Welmin Maize / Beet BalancerWelmin Cereal Forage Beet Balancer - Welmin Dairy Mineral Supplements
Welmin Maize Beet Balancer is formulated to meet the needs of the dairy cow or beef animal where there is a greater requirement for phosphorous in the diet.

  • High in available phosphorous (14%) to balance low phosphorous in maize, fodder beet and other root crops.
  • Includes all the key essential trace minerals including chelated copper and zinc which contribute to improved conception, performance and overall health for a high performing dairy cow or beef animal.
  • With added yeast for ruminal flora, optimising performance and milk production.



Welmin Compound Balancer

Specifically formulated for spring calving herds, to complement parlour feeding, using 100% chelated elements, coupled with high inclusions of Phosphorus & Vitamin E.

  • High in Phosphorus for increased health, fertility and mobility.
  • With Copper for increased conception rates, fertility and decreased % of silent heats and embryo retention.
  • Includes Zinc for normal heats, increased claw health and lower SCC.
  • Contains Vitamin E for better reproductive area cleansing and overall health.
  • With Vitamin A for increased immunity.


To learn more about our mineral supplements range, view our Farm Nutrition Pack or contact your sales advisor.

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