Now is an appropriate time to put a plan in place and identify fields that should be targeted for reseeding. Grass is the cheapest way to feed ruminant livestock, therefore achieving maximum growth from it is the most profitable way forward on any livestock farm.

A high level of management is required to ensure that the reseeding process is carried out properly, as too often, the return on investment is restricted due to poor sward establishment. The two most important things to focus on are; the quality of the swards and the fertility of the soil.

The key points when planning reseeding include:

  1. Use your records to identify your poorest preforming fields
  2. Check soil sample results to identify if the problem is the soil or the sward
  3. Correct the problem as quickly as possible


Soil Testing 

To achieve maximum results from your new reseed and to improve the productivity of the sward, soil fertility must be correct. Prior to reseeding, it is crucial to carry out soil tests for Phosphorus (P), Potassium (K) and pH, testing to a minimum of 10 cm soil depth.

Fertiliser Plan 

Your fertiliser plan is crucial, as this will address any soil fertility issues. Where soil fertility is below the recommended rate, it will require 2 to 3 bags of 10-10-20 to provide enough P to feed the sward, kick start early growth and allow the sward to reach its full potential. Early P is essential for root development, as it feeds the roots and the roots feed the leaf. Nitrogen (N) without P, only feeds the leaf and does not achieve the same response.

Grass Mixture Choice

Complementing your preparation efforts with the right grass seed mixture is also key. According to our Business Development Manager, Bil Ryan, it is essential to choose a mix of grass seed that will improve animal performance, increase forage yield, be easily managed and have good persistency. “The Tipperary Grass Seed Range has a mix for every situation and has built an excellent reputation with farmers throughout the country for delivering optimal germination, establishment and increased yield in new grass leys,” states Bil.

For further advice on reseeding or to choose a suitable grass mixture from the Tipperary Grass Seed Range, contact your local Agritech distributor. 



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