Although temperatures are beginning to rise, calves are still at risk of contracting pneumonia. Take a look at some of the common causes as well as our effective solutions below:


  • Variation in high day temperatures and low night temperatures. If greater than 13°C, animals are at a higher risk of pneumonia
  • Poor shed ventilation, i.e. leaving doors open in the late evening
  • Overstocking sheds. As calves grow, they require more ground and air space



  • Treat all symptoms immediately
  • Provide shelter, space and keep calves rehydrated at all times
  • Boost calf immunity by feeding Vitameg in both milk and feed




Vitameg is a feeding supplement with prebiotic and Omega-3 for young ruminants.

Vitameg’s combination of ingredients when fed to young ruminants will:

  • Increase feed intakes.
  • Stimulate rumen development.
  • Increase daily live weight gain.
  • Support calf natural defence mechanism.
  • Improve digestibility


View our Vitameg brochure 


To find out more, contact your local distributor 


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