End of the 2021 Grazing Season

Our current grassland management advice is as follows:   Continue to walk the farm weekly to monitor Average Farm Cover (AFC). By November 1st,...

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Fodder Budgeting

Winter preparation often begins with assessing silage quality and stocks. With some farms experiencing soil moisture deficits and restricted levels...

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Beef Finishing Options

Considering the current rising feed costs, it is not only important to prioritise feeding high-quality home-grown forages, but also to weigh up the...

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Dry Cow Planning

Although spring 2022 may seem a distance away, decisions around main herd nutrition over the next number of weeks will dictate how successful the...

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Autumn Grassland Management

The aim of building grass over the coming weeks is to ensure a bank of grass is available in the autumn when growth rates start to decline. It is...

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