Agritech is renowned for quality grass seed mixtures. The Tipperary range is formulated to deliver high production, digestibility, palatability and persistency, with the Tipperary 4A mixture Agritech’s premium flag bearer. These essential characteristics give farmers the highest return available from their investment in reseeding. The end result is increased animal performance.

Grass seed assembly is the backbone of Agritech. They have long recognised that the key criteria in the assembly of grass mixtures is including varieties that complement each other, coupled with optimum levels of clover. New Teagasc research has confirmed that cows grazing tetraploid varieties and clover based swards yield significantly increased levels of milk. Furthermore, recent research is coming round to the Agritech opinion that tetraploid varieties are persistent and that groundcover is not a correct barometer of persistence after all. Our flagship mixture Tipperary 4A has, since its initial formulation in 1977, been based on the inclusion of adequate levels of tetraploids coupled with 1kg of clover.

Another key step in exploiting the potential of grass, achieved by Agritech, is the application of biological seed stimulants to every grass seed in all of the mixtures. The GroQuik® seed dressing is specifically designed to improve seedling establishment by accelerating germination and root development in both ryegrasses and clover. GroQuik® was originally demonstrated at London University to improve the establishment of the grass crop by 20%. Through extensive in-house research and trials, Agritech have continued to enhance GroQuik® with the addition of further bio stimulants to the dressing. The end result for farmers today is that the benefits of GroQuik® in grass swards persist for years post-establishment.

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