Increased stocking rates particularly on dairy farms has meant that herbage output is more critical now than ever before. The recent Teagasc Moorepark Open Day highlighted that the anticipated further growth of the national dairy herd must be achieved in an environmentally sustainable way .

The application of biological seed stimulants is a key step in exploiting the potential of grass; something which has been adopted by Agritech from early on. Every grass seed mixture in the Tipperary Grass Seed Range is treated with a unique germination dressing called GroQuik®.

GroQuik® is a biological seed stimulant which accelerates germination and especially root growth in both grasses and clover. Environmental sustainability is very much at the forefront as the ingredients used in its manufacturing are 100% non-chemical and they even qualify for inclusion in grass seed mixtures for use on organic farms.

The application of GroQuik® is especially beneficial to clover establishment as it has a more extensive and complicated root structure. This is critical for Irish farmers, with research by Teagasc continuing to highlight that clover has a central role to play on all farms, whether the farming system is intensive or extensive.


Improved root structure

The benefit of an enhanced and more developed root structure helps to ensure that the grass plant has access to more nutrients from the soil, thereby ensuring improved efficiency and extra herbage yield.

Recent on farm experiments have highlighted the benefits of an improved root structure by comparing dressed and non-dressed grass mixture plots. Despite both plots receiving the same management in the same field at the same time, it was found that dressed plots showed a significant increase in herbage yield compared to the non-dressed plots.

Initially, it was thought that this benefit would last for a few months post sowing, however it is now very clear that the benefits last for years. Commenting on this, Agritech Sales Director, John Kenny states, “Going forward, stimulants such as GroQuik® will play a vital role in Irish Agriculture by increasing herbage output in an environmentally sustainable way. The benefits of the technology can be seen by farmers long after sowing by facilitating healthier plants and improved yields.”

For any further advice on autumn reseeding or to choose a suitable grass mixture from the Tipperary Grass Seed Range, contact your local Agritech distributor or click here.


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