Why Reseed?

Grass is the cheapest energy source available for all farm livestock. Pastures can lose quality as they get older, and maintaining a high percentage of perennial ryegrass is crucial in order to maximise output from the forage. Following reseeding you will have a better sward composition, improved sward density with increased dry matter yield and feeding values.

Reseeded swards are more productiveWhy Reseed

  • Yields from newly reseeded perennial ryegrass swards will give 2.7t DM/ha more than a 15% perennial ryegrass sward.
  • Higher yields particularly in the spring period.
  • Over a period of years the % of sown perennial ryegrass will reduce year by year with a gradual reduction in the early years but after 4-5 years the ingress of weed grasses is more rapid.
  • Swards with less than 40% perennial ryegrass should be reseeded.


Response to NitrogenWhy Reseed

  • Perennial ryegrass in the most responsive species in the sward to the application of nitrogen compared with less than 50% with weed species.
  • Optimum performance and increased profits.




Sward digestibilitywhy reseed

  • The higher the perennial ryegrass % the greater the digestibility.
  • Greater palatability.
  • Higher intakes & more efficient feed conversion.
  • 1 unit increase in DOMD will increase DMI by 0.2kg/cow/day and milk yield by 0.4litres/cow/day.

Note: DOMD is Dry Organic Matter Digestibility.



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