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While we are all aware that animals need to be fed adequately while indoors, it has been found that winter feeding programs rarely go beyond nutrition and water. Even though they are both very important, animals have mineral and vitamin requirements which are essential for milk production, growth reproduction and their overall health.

A growing emphasis on higher grassland production through the use of Nitrogen, Sulphur and Potash is reducing the availability of minerals that animals need. Research shows us that more than two-thirds of Irish pastures are low in Selenium, Iodine and Copper and more than one-third are low in Phosphorous, Magnesium and Zinc; all essential for milk production, weight gain, reproduction and general animal health.

During the housing period, availability of vitamins and mineral are also reduced as they oxidise and break down in animal feed. At this stage, animals are very likely to develop deficiencies as a result of a diet which consists of only stored forages and grain.

With this in mind Agritech have developed the Welmin mineral supplements range, a comprehensive range of premium mineral supplements, which will ensure that your animals are adequately supplemented with all the essential minerals and vitamins.The raw materials used by Agritech to manufacture the Welmin range are chosen for their high bio-availability, therefore ensuring we get to correct the imbalances that are occurring on intensive farms.

So to look after your animals’ health and ensure you achieve maximum production this winter, be sure to feed a quality mineral and vitamin supplement.

For any further advice on minerals and vitamins contact your local Agritech distributor or find out more about Agritech’s Welmin mineral supplements range by clicking here.


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