Welmin Rumicare Dairy

Welmin Rumicare Dairy - Welmin Dairy Mineral SupplementsWelmin Rumicare Dairy has been developed to help counteract rumen and intestinal acidity and to promote adequate rumen protozoa populations in intensively fed animals and those consuming low fibre diets such as spring grass. Welmin Rumicare Dairy is formulated using a unique combination of phased release rumen buffering minerals.

  • Phased release technology ensures constant and ongoing fight against SARA and clinical acidosis.
  • Added Rumigest® yeast will enhance rumen bacteria populations and activity aiding better digestion of starch and cellulose.
  • Welmin Rumicare Dairy supplies calcium, magnesium and sodium each of which are very beneficial to the animal, particularly the high yielding early lactating dairy cow.
  • Lowers requirement for straw leaving more room for quality feed.
  • Reduced indigestion, lameness and stress.
  • Improved feed efficiency. Higher output per animal.
  • Smoother transition diets with less setbacks including less displaced abomasums.

Symptoms of Sub-Acute Rumen Acidosis (SARA)
The tell-tale signs of SARA are sometimes difficult to detect through visual observation.

Symptoms include:

  • Bubbles on dung.
  • Cows swishing their tails (due to passing acidic manure).
  • Animals performing 5-10% below capacity.
  • Increased lameness levels.
  • Less than 80% of animals which are lying down observed chewing the cud.
  • Mildly depressed demeanour.


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