The application of a biological seed stimulant is a key step in exploiting the potential of grass; something which has been adopted by Agritech from very early on. Every grass seed mixture in the Tipperary Grass Seed Range is treated with a unique germination dressing, GroQuik®.

GroQuik® is a biological seed stimulant which accelerates germination and root development in both grasses and clover. With improvements in grass genetics forecasted to increase by just 1% over the next decade, a commercial farm trial was conducted to quantify the benefits of using GroQuik® dressed grass seed relative to forecasted genetic gains.

**All ingredients used in its manufacturing are 100% non-chemical.  


Commercial Farm Trial:

The commercial field trial was undertaken in spring/summer 2021, where eight trial locations across Ireland were selected to quantify the benefits of Agritech’s GroQuik®. All plots were grazing areas and sown in the one paddock, under the same conditions. The only difference was that one half of the area was sown with GroQuik® dressed grass seed, while the other half was sown with undressed grass seed.  All trial locations used Agritech’s leading grazing mixture Tipperary Grass 4A, which includes 1kg of white clover.

Sowing methods, rates, management, and fertiliser applications were all left up to the farm owner to assess differences under different management practices and to mimic commercial reality.



Increased Germination Rates

Following emergence, a plant count was conducted in both the dressed and undressed areas – with results summarised below.

Overall, an increase of 14.8% was recorded across all dressed grass seed plots, which equated to an extra 1.16 million plants/ha at emergence stage (5-6 weeks post sowing).



Increased Grass Availability

The increase in grass plants/ha resulted in 8.3% more grass available in the first grazing post-sowing (equivalent to 131 kg DM/ha). Subsequently, there was also greater grass availability for the first season of establishment (+5.4% more grass available), with benefits continuing on across the first year of sward existence (+4.3% more grass available).


Across all eight trial plots, an increase was recorded in germination rates and grass availability, highlighting the consistency when using GroQuik®


A common trend in the commercial farm trial plots was also the increased establishment of clover. A biological seed stimulant is especially beneficial to clover, as it has a more extensive and complicated root structure. The benefit of an enhanced and more developed root structure helps to ensure that the grass plant has access to more nutrients from the soil, thereby ensuring improved efficiency and extra herbage yield.


Summary Of Results:

Grass seed sown with Agritech’s GroQuik® resulted in:

Tipperary Grass Packaging

  • Increased germination rates of 14.8% at post-emergence stage (equates to 1.16 million plants/ha)
  • 8.3% more grass available in the first grazing post-sowing (equivalent to 131 kg DM/ha)
  • 5.4% more grass available in the first season of establishment
  • 4.3% more grass available in the first 12 months of establishment


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