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Optimate is an essential omega 3 fatty acid supplement for dairy cows for improved fertility, health, production and reproductive performance.

It is a natural source of high levels of omega 3 poly unsaturated fatty acids, PUFA’s especially EPA and DHA. These essential fatty acids are important for many biological functions including fertility.

Optimate contains pure Scottish Salmon oil, rumen protected by nutrient enrobing production process, together with essential vitamins to give a fine, free flowing powder that is easily mixed into the feed. The enrobing process protects the fish oil and allows for slow targeted release in the intestine.

Omega 3 fatty acids act on the suppression of prostaglandin which can be increased due to hormonal imbalance with high yielding dairy cows. This can result in a reduction of progesterone secretion which affects the preparation of the uterus for the fertilised embryo.


Benefits of feeding Optimate

  • Readily available source of EPA/DHA.
  • Enhances reproductive performance.
  • Reduces calving interval.
  • Improved sperm quality and quantity.
  • Increases milk production.
  • Increases embryo survival rates.
  • Improves animal health.
  • Anti-inflammatory.
  • Enhances animal’s immune system.

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